A new era for Bahro.nu

After extensive work, we are happy to present the whole new bahro.nu. The biggest change is not the refreshed design, it’s the magazine from now will be international.

From now on you will se a British flag among the categories which means just what one can assume it does. You will from now on be able to read upcoming articles in both Swedish and English, and this will enable the website to be a part of people’s lives around the entire world. It allows participation from the Aramean (Syriac) diaspora, but also from the homelands to which the arameans are indigenous to.

We hope that you readers will feel that Bahro.nu is a natural part of your everyday life and serves as a modern and complete voice in media for all things that concerns the Arameans. We appreciate all the tips you have for the editorial staff to write about and we would also like to hear what you want to see more of on the website. Also, we would like to state that our doors are opened for you who are interested in writing for the newspaper and you reach the editorial office at info@bahro.nu in all the mentioned cases. We hope that we together can reach new heights when it comes to media and communication for the Aramean people and the greatest support you can give Bahro.nu is simply to read and share what is published.

We also offer ad placement if you as an entrepreneur or marketing manager feel that you want to reach our target group. The values ​​and the foundation on which the online newspaper rests on are the same as the Syriac-Aramaic Youth Federation of Sweden:s (SAUF:s) since it is this federation that manage the site. Thus, there are no private interests behind the publication and it is sincerely created by the people for the people. So for the sake of transparency we state that any donations or advertising revenues are reinvested in bahro.nu or other activities that benefit the Aramean youth.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and to, together with you readers, create a familiar and uniqe presence in the digitital world for the Aramean people!