Love and admiration in Sweden for Aramean star Yacoub Shaheen

Yacoub pÄ scen under gÄrdagens konsert.

The Aramean (also known as Syriac) star Yacoub Shaheen who won Arab Idol will visit different places in Sweden in the coming month. He has become immensely popular among his people, which was demonstrated during the first concert held in St. Afrem’s festival hall in SödertĂ€lje. And in an exclusive program in Suryoyo Sat he also proudly spoke of his Syrian (Aramaic) identity.

Yacoub Shaheen from Bethlehem has become well known among hundreds of millions of people in the Arab world, but is especially appreciated by the Aramean people to which he belongs. In addition to the great voice that has now become known around the world, he is known for being engaged and caring for his people and also the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Yacoub, who is now touring the country shows his gratitude for the enormous support that he received from Sweden when he competed in and won Arab Idol, and there was a crowd of admiration who welcomed him with open arms to St: Afrem’s party venue in SödertĂ€lje. He sang both in Arabic and Aramaic and carried his people’s red and yellow flag on stage during the concert, organized by the football team Syrianska FC and satellite TV-Channel Suryoyo Sat.

The Aramean satellite channel Suryoyo Sat also recorded an exclusive program with Yacoub where he in the interview proudly talks about his identity and, among other things, mentions how he sees Palestine as part of the land of the Arameans: Aram. The program can be seen here, and places and dates of Yacoub’s tour can be seen on his official facebook page.